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We Decided to go both local and National for our Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Encouraging children to take part in STEM. Visiting Carbury NS.

The main target for our community outreach were children around age nine to twelve years old. We believe that this age group is a good choice because the children are old enough to understand the concept of basic circuitry but haven’t been taught it in school yet. We decided to give them a sneak peek of electronics and circuitry.

As part of this goal, on the 14th of November 2019 (On science week) the whole team went down to Carbury National School. First, we taught them the theory behind electricity, then we taught the children to apply that theory to different kinds of circuits, such as series and parallel circuits. We made a lemon battery and let the children light up an LED using the lemon battery. The children were really engaged throughout the whole process and asked plenty of questions at the end. 

It was a positive experience for us because we received first-hand experience of teaching children, and was also a great experience for the children as they got a taster session of electronics&circutry. 

YouTube Channel

Ocean FM

On the 2nd Of March, Cansat Spektr-C got the oppurtunity to go LIVE on Ocean Fm “North West Today Show” hosted by Niall Delaney. This was a good experience for the Team, as it was everyone’s first time. We were delighted to have Mr Lynch with us.